The Most Recognized Real Estate Brand Is…

Ron Brown - Snohomish County Realtor

Which real estate brand stacked up the best? Find out from the 2017 Millward Brown Demogaphic Ad Tracking Study.

Millwald Brown’s 2017 Demographic Ad Tracking Study asked 1,200 recent home buyers and sellers to list the names of any real estate agencies they’ve seen. Out of these consumers, Century 21 ranked the highest for its brand awareness and scored 94 percent of the respondents. The second highest ranking brand was RE/MAX at 89 percent.

The real estate brands with the most consumer brand awareness, according to Millwald Brown, a market research firm:

Real Estate Brand

Brand Awareness

Century 21




Keller Williams




Berkshire Hathaway




Realty Executives


Real Living


“This recognition comes during an exciting time as we continue to leverage our agent-centric platform, national marketing programs, proprietary online tools, and key sponsorships to raise System member awareness,” says Greg Sexton, chief operating officer for Century 21 Real Estate LLC. “What we do is maximize new business opportunities in an effort to assist our System members help home buyers and sellers make informed real estate decisions that in turn instill trust and loyalty in our professionals and our brand.”

Century 21 says it’s raised its consumer brand awareness through digital and TV advertising. For example, Century 21’s “Not an App” ad aimed to drive greater appeal for the overall brand, while its “Good Luck Robots” ad targeted entertainment value. Survey respondents also said they recognized Century 21 as the sponsor of the U.S. Soccer Team and for its advertising in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and Easter Seals.

Source: Millwald Brown

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