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You can view View Ridge Madison Everett homes for sale below. And, you can see details of View Ridge Madison properties with their property features when you click on the home for sale. Homes in View Ridge Madison are shown in all price ranges. If it shows "Pending" , an offer has been made on the home, but the sale has not yet been completed.

As your Everett realtor, I will work with you and show you only homes that meet your criteria. I want you to find the best home for you!

The neighborhood of View Ridge Madison in Everett runs north of Madison Street to the Puget Sound. A map of the neighborhood is shown. Available homes for sale in the View Ridge Madison neighborhood of Everett are shown below.

The View Ridge Madison neighborhood in Everett is centrally located. It is close to Boeing and has great views of the Puget Sound to the north. The View Ridge - Madison neighborhood is close to two parks – Forest Park and Howarth Park. Forest Park has a swimming pool, petting zoo, and an event space,. Howarth Park has beach access, a playground, and walking trails.

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