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Once you decide to sell, you will need to know your condo value. This will need to be based on today’s housing market and the location and condition of your condo.

If you contact me, I will do a free market analysis and compare your home to other condos in the area and of similar style, square footage, etc. I will compare those in the area that have sold recently, those for sale, and those pending sale, ie. with an offer, but not yet sold.snohomish county property search

As you can see below, in Snohomish County and similarly in King County, median condo values are trending upward. Median home prices mean that 50% of condos are worth more and 50% of condos are worth less than that value. To get an accurate value of your condo and its unique qualities, contact me at 206.604.5186 today.

Below is a chart of median condo values from January 2011 through July 2015. You can see that condo prices have been rising steadily since December 2011 when they hit their low point in Snohomish County.

Median condo prices in Snohomish County

condo value

Median condo prices in King County

­Below is a chart of median condo values from January 2011 through July 2015.­