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The neighborhood of Woodway in Edmonds runs north of 244th Place SW along the Puget Sound up to Edwards Point. You can view a map of the neighborhood. You can view available homes for sale in the Woodway neighborhood of Edmonds below.

Woodway Edmonds real estate

About Woodway

Woodway, Washington began in 1912 when David Whitcomb, Sr. purchased the original 320 acres. Mr. Whitcomb was desirous of country living and developed his community by insisting on deed restrictions of two-acre minimum parcels with large setbacks. Nearby development in the early 1950’s threatened to incorporate Woodway’s lands so a grass roots effort established a fourth class city which provided development protection and independence as a community. These historical beginnings continue to guide present day policies.Woodway is a tranquil residential community just north of the King/Snohomish County line. Woodway is true to its town logo — “The Quiet Place.” Residents of Woodway enjoy their privacy, and the Town is primarily zoned for single–family residences.

Woodway Pointe (Upper Bluff)

Evaluation of the proposed Woodway Pointe subdivision on the Upper Bluff continues. The TownPlanner/SEPA official previously determined that the proposed development of 36 new single family homes on the Upper Bluff would require an environmental impact statement (“EIS”). Public comments were solicited on the scope of the project’s environmental review, and a scoping meeting was held in January 2018. Most of the comments received were related to soil conditions and the landslide hazard risks associated with the steep slopes on the site. An engineering firm hired by the town has begun a geotechnical analysis of the site. Final Council action on the project is not expected until the middle of 2019.

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