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Arlington homes for sale in Smokey Point are shown on this page. Find details of Smokey Point properties with more information on property features when you click on the home for sale. Homes in Smokey Point are shown in all price ranges. If after the sale price, it shows "Pending", that means there is an offer on the home, but the sale has not been completed.

Smokey Point is a bustling residential, commercial, and industrial community. The northeast portion of this community was annexed by Arlington in 1999.

The name of the area, Smokey Point, originated from a 1950's outdoor-barbecue restaurant started by Eric and Pearl Shurstad, who called their place the Smokey Point Café after the plume of smoke it generated.

The neighborhood of Smokey Point in Arlington runs west of I-5 and both north and south of Highway 531. A map of the neighborhood is shown. Available homes for sale in the Smokey Point neighborhood of Arlington are shown below.

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