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Today’s­ Puget Sound area real estate market is more complex than ever before and can be time consuming. As one of the experienced full-time real estate agents in Snohomish County, I hold my clients’ time in high value, and work diligently in an effort to be efficient for them.

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When buying or selling a Puget Sound area home, it is important to find a real estate agent who works with you and earns your trust every step of the way. As an experienced real estate agent in Snohomish County, I work hard to keep the communication between myself and my clients a priority. I believe that working as a team is essential to achieving your goals.­

I Work with Buyers!

I assist buyers with great negotiating and problem-solving skills, My knowledge of the local housing market as a Snohomish county realtor helps buyers rest assured that they will not over-pay for a property.

Whether you’re buying a home in Snohomish county or in King county, you can use my website to find available properties. Contact Ron Brown for an appointment today at 206.604.5186. 

I Work with Sellers!

As a Snohomish county realtor, I assist sellers with helping to set a price for their house so it sells quickly and at a price that is not under market value. I use my marketing  and communications skills to show a property well to the public and keep the seller informed along the way.

Free Comprehensive Market Value Analysis

Once you decide to sell your home, you will want to know how much it is worth. This should be based on today’s housing market and the location and condition of your home. When ­you contact me, I will do a free market analysis and compare your home to other homes of similar style, square footage, etc. that are near of your home.­ Contact me today at 206.604.5186 for your ­free market analysis!

Finding excellent real estate agents in Snohomish County who work with you as a team, collaborating each step of the way may seem difficult. But if you’re looking for a realtor who listens and puts you first, look no further! Contact me at 206-604-5186.